Beth Maiman Introductory Post

My name is Beth Maiman and I am currently a sophomore studying journalism and public relations. I am from Agoura Hills, a suburb north of Los Angeles, California. Growing up, I always had a love for sports. My father, a huge sports fanatic, would always take me to different sporting events and taught me a lot about the game. I grew a passion for sports, to both play and watch. Eventually, when I realized I would never become a professional athlete, I decided a career in journalism would be the next best alternative. In high school, I worked as a writer for my school’s newspaper and in my senior year I was the sports editor. Currently, I am a sports reporter for The Daily Emerald. This year I have covered cross country, track, and women’s lacrosse. This summer I am studying abroad in London. I will be studying sports journalism and political journalism. I hope through this new cultural experience I will become a better journalist. My ideal job would be a sports columnist for a major newspaper or working in public relations for a professional sports team.

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