Conner Gordon Introductory Post

Hello all! My name is Conner Gordon and I am a Junior and I study Journalism at the University of Oregon.  I hail from Mountain View, California; a small suburb south of San Francisco.  I never knew that I wanted to pursue a career within journalism until I arrived at the UofO and started taking the entry level J courses, however I have unknowingly been preparing for such a path throughout my life.
My mother is a lifelong writer and editor, and many of her talents have been passed down to me.  I wrote two columns for the Los Altos Town Crier about the process of applying for college and completing my high school residency. Soon after, I semi-seriously applied to write for (the fourth largest sports media website in the United States) and was accepted to join their freelance writing staff.  I wrote 12 articles, totaling over 35,000 reads collectively and became a syndicated writer for the site.  I took a hiatus from BR to focus on my studies, but found myself joining the Ethos Magazine staff soon after.  I wrote a feature article in the 2012 winter issue about wave energy on the coast of Oregon, and the next term was hired as an Associate Editor.  Now I am the Managing Editor at Ethos, with a leadership role in the works for the next school year.
With all of this experience, in and outside of the classroom, I hope to use my talents to create my own publication and/or spend time abroad covering multicultural news.  I look forward to all of the relevant and valuable experience this class will bring!

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