Steven Vantulden Introductory Post

                Hello. My name is Steven Vantulden. I was born in Winter Park, Florida, but I moved to Oregon when I was five years old.  I graduated from Southridge High School in 2008. I’m currently a junior at the University of Oregon. As a student, I’ve been accepted into the university’s School of Journalism and Communication. I am currently enrolled in this course, J 361: Reporting 1. I chose to major in Journalism greatly due to my passion for writing.

                I aspire towards attaining a career in Sports Journalism. Specifically, I would like to cover combat based sports, such as Mixed Martial Arts. I have a black belt in karate, wrestled in high school, and am currently training in Brazilian-Jiujitsu. My dream would be to work as a reporter covering these sports, or working for companies in the industry.

                I have experience in the use of software, which includes Final Cut Pro X, InDesign, and Photoshop. I am able to create and edit multimedia pieces using these programs. I am also fairly proficient in video and still image photography, as well as the audio recording. However, I’m currently focused towards improving my journalistic writing skills.

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