South University Neighborhood-Cecily Fernandes

eugeneThe South University neighborhood of Eugene is located on the south side of the University of Oregon campus.  The neighborhood is bounded by Patterson Street on the west, the west side of Agate street on the east, the north side of East 24th avenue on the south, and the south side East 18th avenue on the north.  This area is very close to where I currently live so I was able to walk to and around the neighborhood very easily to explore.

This neighborhood is very residential with lots of apartments and town houses for students at University of Oregon and a park on 24th and University that is a great place to bring children and pets.  It has a playground with swings, a merry go round, teeter-totters, slides, and a basketball court.  There is also lots of space to lounge or play sports and picnic tables that line the perimeter of the park.

There are some unique businesses in this neighborhood that are very popular with both locals and students like Studio One Café on East 19th, which serves breakfast all day from 7a.m. to 4p.m.  This popular eatery has all the breakfast classics including omelets, pancakes, and french toast as well as lunch options like sandwiches and wraps.

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