Southeast Eugene Neighborhood: A Woodland Wonderland

Southeast neighborhood is located on the southern border city limits of Eugene.  The general terrain of the neighborhood is full of trees and beautiful views of the city.  In some parts, old growth trees stand tall creating a true Pacific Northwest feel to the area.  The neighborhood includes multiple parks and trail systems including Spencer’s Butte, Amazon Park and the Ridge Trail System making it the perfect area for runners.  I went out to the neighborhood Friday from around 5:30 to 7pm in my car.  While part of the neighborhood borders along Willamette St. and the restaurants in that area that create a more city feel, the majority of the neighborhood is full of rolling hills and woodlands.  Residents of Southeast Eugene neighborhood have the option to go to two different elementary schools in the area, Charlemagne Fox Hollow or Edgewood Community Elementary School and one middle school, Spencer’s Butte Middle School.

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