River Road Community Introductory Post- Jackie Haworth

People enter River Road Park and Recreation District building at Emerald Park on Sunday, April 7th.

The River Road Community Organization is located just south of Santa Clara in the northern half of Eugene. It is bordered on the west by the railroad, on the east by the Willamette, and the Randy Pape Beltline highway along the north boundary.

The defining features of the neighborhood are the parks and residential space, contrasting with the large, busy road running through the center of the neighborhood. River Road Community is also home to North Eugene High School and the Eugene-Springfield Water Pollution Control Facility.

Water holding tanks at the Eugene-Springfield Water Pollution Control Facility located in the northeast corner of the River Road neighborhood.

North Eugene High School is the heart of the River Road community. Other schools are located along the same road including a Japanese elementary school.

Our group carpooled, on Sunday afternoon, and visited these places despite the rainy weather that Eugene is so well known for. The neighborhood seems friendly, safe, and nice.

Most of the neighborhood is quiet and calm (excluding places near the highway and River Road), the parks are beautiful and green and there is an abundance of useful water, these things contrast with the railway and the industrial places bordering their neighborhood. There is constantly a fight to balance green space and natural resources with the industrial.

The balance between industrial and green space is precarious as the bordering railroad is constantly polluted by trash and oil.

Regardless of the neighborhood issues it is family friendly and near shopping, but far enough away from the bustle of downtown Eugene to run at a slower pace. Lots of families and individuals were out walking their dogs or playing in the park even in the rain.

Panorama of Emerald Park on Sunday afternoon, April 7th. The park boast beautiful shade trees, a skatepark, pool, volleyball sandpit, playground, picnic areas, and plenty of green space.

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