South University Neighborhood: The Southside of Campus Living

The South University Neighborhood is a small but densely populated area that acts as a temporary home for many students, and as a permanent home for longstanding Eugene residents.  This neighborhood can be identified by students as the area which borders Pioneer Cemetery and extends all the way down to University of Oregon’s turf soccer fields on the corner of 18th and Agate Street.  South University is connected to campus through University Street; a street that extends all the way to the opposite end of the neighborhood: East 24th Avenue.  Closer to campus, most of the housing comes in the form of apartment complexes and town houses.  Generally, the closer to campus the property lies, the higher density the living condition will be.  However, the southern end of the neighborhood contains almost exclusively home-style living, with parks and trees decorating nearly every street.


Local shops such as Humble Bagel and Bi Mart are common stops for residents.


18th Street is the closest border of South University Neighborhood to the University itself.


University Street is the primary connection to campus. Students and residents use this street to access the Student Recreation Center and turf soccer fields.

South University is a quieter alternative to other close-to-campus housing options.  Heavy foot traffic from students seems to only occur right along the boarder of campus, and crime is less of an issue than in neighboring neighborhoods.  Several renown restaurants such as Prince Puckler’s and Humble Bagel add tasty eatery options to the local residents.


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