The Hub of Eugene, Downtown Neighborhood

Downtown Neighborhood is home to the roar of buses, car noises, and conversation. Bordered on the north by the natural beauty of the Willamette River and Skinner Butte, Downtown neighborhood can easily be mistaken for two separate cities. On a rainy Friday afternoon we started our journey at Dutch Bros. Coffee located on the East border by High Street. For the next couple of hours we explored the rest of the south and west borders. The most memorable sites included Berg’s snow shop located on Lawrence Street, Eugene Station at 11th and Olive, and the Eugene Public Library on 10th Avenue. Downtown Eugene is a flourishing community evidenced by the various types of people who were present there and to the modes of transportation people use to accommodate themselves. The contrast from urban to rural is most impressive in this neighborhood. It’s fitting that the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) is abbreviated as such because it embodies the character of Eugene.

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  1. I really like the moving format of your slideshow. The quality of your photos is impressive. Although, I think the images would be even better with a slightly stricter adherence to the rule of thirds.

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