Downtown Eugene, Assignment #2 – Marissa Tomko

On Wednesday afternoon, my group and I drove into Downtown Eugene and parked about a block away from Eugene Station. I paired off with Nick, and we headed to Eugene Public Library to find some people to talk with about the neighborhood.

We walked through the front doors of the library, and found ourselves at a little cafe. It was not busy, so we introduced ourselves to the barista, asking if we could talk with her about Downtown Eugene. She initially did not think she would be a worthy subject, as she has only lived in Eugene for seven months. However, Nick and I liked the idea of having the perspective of a relatively new resident.

Jessica Smith introduced herself as Jess. She is 26, average height, and wore her brown hair pulled back into a casual bun. Hailing from Baton Rouge, La., Smith likes Downtown Eugene because it is small, accessible, and easy to get around. She appreciates the ease with which she can find places to meet up or hang out with friends, and enjoys that all walks of life can be found in the neighborhood.

The biggest issue that Smith noted was parking. She does not like that most of it has either a two hour time limit or a high price tag attached to it. She told us that recent construction has made it particularly difficult to park, as streets can be closed off without warning. However, because Downtown Eugene is so bike friendly, Smith says that parking issues can be easily avoided.

Smith did not wish to be photographed.

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