Downtown Neighborhood Assignment 2

Today my group and I went to downtown to see if anyone there was willing to talk to us. It was a bit easier said than done. 

The team split into two pairs and we each headed in opposite directions. My partner suggested a business owner for our first subject. A montage of unsympathetic businessmen played in my head as I recalled every local news broadcast since they started broadcasting news locally.

If we were going to talk to anyone involved in a local business it had to actually be local or at least truly Oregonian. Being inauthentic was’t an option. 

We found our way to Voodoo Doughnuts in downtown Eugene, it seemed perfect; a place as eclectic as it was renowned. When it came to junk food they’re the hometown heroes.

It’s there that we met a downtown resident and Voodoo Doughnuts employee by the name of Lilly Leech, age 24. She wore glasses, a knit stocking cap and was sporting a black floral tattoo on the inside of her left arm.

Q: What do you like about the downtown area?

A: Always new things going on, lots of development/construction, always know what to expect (from the neighborhood.)

Q: What are some issues facing the Downtown area?

A: Inadequate care for the homeless, the uncertainty about whether or not local businesses will be able to survive.

Q: What are some things that need improvement in the Downtown area?

A: More options for the homeless, such as shelters and other places for them to hang out.

Q: What are some problems  


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