Downtown Neighborhood Interview

On Wednesday afternoon, my group and I set out in the Downtown Neighborhood as the sun was just peaking out of the clouds for the first time in days.  Upon walking around the bus station I met a downtown employee by the name of Cornel, he did not give his last name however, who works near the bus station.  He was on his way back from getting lunch I started talking to Cornel about his relationship with Eugene’s downtown community.

At 42, Cornel has enjoyed the luxury of conveniency within the neighborhood.  He mentioned that he likes the close proximity of everything in the neighborhood.  Cornel also talked about the concern the community should have for the drug use that occurs within the area.  Cornel made it clear that the use of drugs has become an issue in the neighborhood and he wishes that the police would patrol the area more.

This particular issue was one that he would like the neighborhood to improve upon.  The assumption is that the drug use might not be as large of an issue within downtown if the area was patroled more.  The area that concerns Cornel most is that of the surroundings around the bus station, the area where his job is located.

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