Neighborhood Assignment #2 – South University Neighborhood.

As I was exploring the neighborhood of South University I ran into a middle aged women by the name of Mary Globis gardening outside her home on the corner of 21st and University Street. Her young nephew Zane, who every Wednesday helps her with yard work to make some money, was mowing the lawn as I approached Globis for the interview. Globis was very enthralled in her gardening and asked if she could answer the questions while still picking weeds. One could easily tell due to her concentration during gardening that Globis has a lot of respect for her home and neighborhood.

She went into detail about how she loved the foot traffic in the area, as well as the ability to walk or bike into town. Globis also said that she enjoyed the perks of a wide street for parking and the beauty of the trees in her neighborhood. However, she said that with the brand new addition of Matthew Knight Arena, a parking issue is no longer apparent. “When the basketball games used to be over at Mac Court, it really impacted parking in our neighborhood,” said Globis. “You couldn’t have any event at your house the night of the game because no one would have a place to park.”

On the next street over, Onyx Street, Globis said she has many student neighbors. She stated that you can tell that students are living there due to the quality of the house. Globis said she occasionally has problems with students and her husband, Gary, will go over to talk to partiers about the excessive noise. Globis, who is deaf, said she doesn’t hear the noise very well, but Gary has gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to chat with students about the racket. Globis says the police are immediate to respond to complaints about parties in the area. Globis says for majority of the time students will respond and cooperate once her husband warns them.

Ms. Globis and her nephew Zane gardening in the front lawn of her home.

Ms. Globis and her nephew Zane gardening in the front lawn of her home.

Globis had an interesting point of view on partying of college students in today’s society. She spoke about her concerns for alcoholism among college students and how the Social Host Ordinance has affected her community. Overall, it is evident that Globis is a proud resident of the South University neighborhood.

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