River Road Assignment #2- Mallory Presho-Dunne

My group and I headed back to the River Road community on Wednesday afternoon and were pleased to see many people out enjoying the sunny day. We were able to talk to a handful of residents of all ages and backgrounds who had positive things to say and for the most part did not express any large issues of concern about the community. Our first stop was at North Eugene High School where we were able to get the outlook of one graduating senior named Nick and 33-year-old mother of four, Angela Philyaw. Our last interview took place outside of the Emerald Park community center with 46-year-old Kurt (last name omitted) who has been a resident of River Road for twenty years.


Kurt-who also previously attended the University of Oregon School of Journalism- expresses his concerns about the River Road community.

Kurt reiterated that one of the perks of living in the River Road community is all of the natural features and surrounding trees. He said that he specifically likes this part of Eugene due to its “rural feel” and laid back atmosphere. However, Kurt also noted some areas that could be improved such as heavy traffic flow on the main thoroughfare and congestion of retail services next to the Beltline highway, which he says are difficult to access without a vehicle. He suggested decreasing the speed limit to make traveling easier on bike riders and creating more small businesses throughout the entire community.

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