River Road Community Assignment #2 – Julian Massenburg

My group and I traveled back to the River Road community on Wednesday afternoon. Our first neighborhood stop was at North Eugene High School.  We wanted to grab the community outlook from a student’s perspective.

We interviewed 17-year-old Nick Goodwin.  Nick lives in the River Road Community and he is a senior at North Eugene High School.

Nick enjoys living in the neighborhood. He referred to the neighborhood as very clean and “well groomed.” Aside from the cleanliness of the area, Nick also expressed concerns within his community. He cited the community’s homeless population as a problem attracting many unwanted dwellers. Nick’s other major concern with the community is its high rate of bicycle theft, which is also a prominent issue in the University sector of Eugene. “Bike theft is big. It’s a big thing that I don’t appreciate. I ride my bike everywhere and no one appreciates that,” said Goodwin.

Nick Goodwin plans to attend Lane Community College this fall.

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