South University Assignment 2 – Conner Gordon

Beth and I walked into Sundance Market, a grocery store in the southern end of the south university neighborhood, and immediately ran into Nicholas.  He was a young looking man (he turned out to be 24) and was in the middle of washing the vegetables when we stumbled upon him.  He told us that it was “super chill” to work and live in the south campus area.  Nick is a people person; the relaxed, loving, and generous people, as Nick describes, who live in the neighborhood make this area a friendly place to live for him.  He describes it as a quieter alternative to other campus-side communities, some of which have a high concentration of college students causing noisy foot traffic.  He did have one major concern with the area.  With his renting history, he describes some of the houses as falling apart and built cheaply and poorly.  This could boil down to renter companies taking advantage of college students; neglecting to fix any problems that arise because of the frequency of new tenants.  This seems to be a common problem among students, and within the community of Eugene as a whole.Image

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