River Road Neighborhood Assignment #2 ~ Jackie Haworth

Our group visited places where people tend to gather in the late afternoon. First we visited North Eugene High School. The teachers and faculty happened to be in a large meeting, but we were able to interview 17-year-old Nick Goodwin, a senior at the high school, who liked that the neighborhood is clean and safe and well maintained. Goodwin cited bike theft, and the homeless population as a detriment to the neighborhood.

            While at the Parks and Recreation District building, we interviewed Jeff Fryer, 53, who is the aquatic director at the community pool. He would like to see better relations between the district and the city, because there is a lot of animosity in the neighborhood towards the city due to loss of land and money through city annexed properties, which are no longer being reimbursed as they used to be. Fryer did mention that he enjoys that River Road is “community oriented” and the support from the community for neighborhood facilities is great.

Jeff Fryer behind the main desk at the community pool in the River Road Parks and Recreation District building located at Emerald Park

            Kurt (last name withheld upon request), 46, explained that the traffic flow on River Road is congested and is challenging for pedestrians and cyclists. He also believes that there aren’t enough community grocery stores, but he enjoys the green spaces and rural, laidback attitude and nice overall atmosphere of the neighborhood. 

            Out of the people interviewed, the community and family aspect of the River Road Community Organization seems to be the defining trait that people appreciate and enjoy. The downside to the neighborhood for the majority of those interviewed is that there are few amenities as far as grocery shopping and eating are concerned.

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  1. Angela says:

    I was told this was for a school assignment for U of O students. I was not told that you would publish my full name on the Internet as well as the location of my daughters preschool. This is not ok! Please take it down.

    • jhaworth19 says:

      I apologize for the misunderstanding. This is the blog for our class, we didn’t mean for it to be available publicly in this way, or to do anything that you wouldn’t approve of. I will take out the information about you immediately. I’m very sorry about this. ~Jackie Haworth

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