Clueless Interview Pitch – Steven Vantulden

Clueless Interview Assignment: Initial Pitch

            For the Clue Interview assignment, I’m required to interview a subject who works or lives in the South University neighborhood. The University of Oregon’s Bike Program, affiliated with the Outdoor Program, is located within the neighborhood’s boundaries. The program’s building is located at the intersection of University Street and East 18th Avenue.

            I plan to observe and interview one of the Bike Program’s volunteers. I believe this issue directly relates to the community of the South University neighborhood. Many students live within the neighborhood and rely upon the program’s bikes for transportation. This is also a topic that is interesting to the biking community of Eugene, Oregon.

            Furthermore, this is a topic in that I have relatively little experience. Although I owned a bicycle in the past, I have very little knowledge on maintenance and repairs. The volunteers possess extensive technical knowledge in these areas.

            I plan to introduce myself to the volunteers. I will then ask if I can observe their repairs, as well as conduct a short interview. I will bring my notebook, audio and still camera. In addition, I will bring a list of questions to ask during the interview.

            I plan to observe them performing their volunteer work, while I record our conversation. I will ask my questions in the simplest terms as possible; this is to ensure that a uniformed reader could understand the subject matter. I will also ask follow-up questions on specific steps in the process. This will give the interview supplementary clarification for any points of confusion.

            This interview will relate exclusively on the technical process of bicycle maintenance and repair. I realize that this assignment is not a profile on our subject. However, I will also ask a few primary questions on the subject. This will build a level of comfort towards me, as well as provide background information on the subject.

            Finally, I will take a photo of my subject. I might take a few images to capture different shots; this would include an image of my subject, as well as one of them working in their environment.

I will paraphrase most of the technical information that I learn; however, I will extract interesting quotations from my subject. After I’ve finished writing my assignment, I will post both the text and photos on the neighborhood blog.


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