Neighborhood Assignment #3 – Julian Massenburg

I traveled to the River Road neighborhood on Sunday afternoon with two of my group members. In our previous adventures to the neighborhood, we learned that traffic congestion is a recurring issue along River Road.  We wanted to talk with commuters in the area to grasp their opinions on the area’s traffic situation.

Megan and I traveled to the Dollar Tree store located on River Road. Dollar Tree stores have a very diverse cliental. We were able to gather traffic opinions from seven of the area’s commuters.

Our first interviewee was a lady named Marlene McCormack. McCormack does not reside in the River Road neighborhood, but she is a frequent commuter in the area. We asked McCormack about her view on traffic in the area. Her main issue with River Road is speeding. McCormack responded, “People treat it (River Road) like it’s a highway and it’s actually a residential area.” She also referred to the neighborhood being out of jurisdiction for the Eugene Police Department.  The area is monitored by an understaffed sheriff department which allows more drivers to disregard the speed limit. The issue with speed led to the fatality of a bicyclist. McCormack said, “A year ago, a bicyclist was killed… It’s dangerous.” She suggested the construction of a camera system to help monitor speed along River Road.

Shoppers at Dollar Tree on River Road cite traffic as the area's biggest issue.

Shoppers at Dollar Tree on River Road cite traffic as the area’s biggest issue.

While strolling through the store we came across Sydney and HeeYoung Saks. The Saks’ reside in the River Road community and commute along River Road every day.  The Saks’ have experienced problems with heavy traffic along river road, “I work really early in the mornings, but my mom works at 8, it takes 45 minutes to get down the road.” The Saks also expressed their concern with speeding along River Road.

Our third interviewee was a man named Tony Satej. Satej has resided in the River Road community for 9 years. He expressed concern with congestion along the Beltline Highway entrances. The highway is extremely difficult to access during rush hour.

Ashley Fisher, a University of Oregon student, also expressed concern with congestion along the Beltline highway entrances.

Liz Psomas has been affected greatly by traffic along River Road. When asked about her experiences along River Road, Psomas responded, “Over here by the Fred Meyer, because of the way those parking lots are, I’ve had three or four friends that have gotten into car accidents just trying to pull out.” Psomas further added, “I was over there last week and I almost got nailed by a car.”

Debra Graham is a frequent commuter of the River Road community. She has also experienced heavy congestion along River Road.

Commuters in the area collectively agree that traffic along River Road is one of the area’s biggest problems. The area is in desperate need of stricter regulations along River Road to promote safety within the area.

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