River Road Neighborhood Assignment #3 ~ Jackie Haworth

The issue I ended up with is traffic. I began with shopping/stores, but after the first two people mentioned the traffic issue without much prompting I quickly changed my questions to encapsulate the traffic issue in the River Road area.

Lea (last name omitted by request), 39, works as management at the Bi-Mart on River Road and has lived in the area for 10 years. She said that there is a lot of traffic where the Beltline meets River Road. Most places for shopping and eating are across the Beltline. Traffic tends to bottleneck, especially on the weekend, so it takes twice as long to get to destinations. Lea said that people don’t seem to pay attention; it’s dangerous for people walking and biking because drivers run red lights.

Nick (last name omitted by request), 25, who works at the 76 gas station on River Road, grew up in the area and usually rides his bike.  Nick thinks that the traffic is pretty dangerous and that it’s unsafe with all the traffic congestion. Nick suggested that it would help if there were two-way bike lanes like near the university.

William Gurney, 19, works at Scott’s Bikes and Boards on Silver Road, he lives in the area and bikes every day. Gurney has to go ride his bike through the intersection nearly every day for work and personal trips and he think traffic is a huge issue. There are a lot of wrecks happen in the neighborhood and he has a front row seat of the River Road-Beltline intersection at Scott’s Bikes and Boards. As a cyclist, Gurney recognizes that the roads are congested and dangerous, not just for cars, but for cyclists. Gurney said that cars have almost taken him out because the path isn’t set up for bikes and cars will try to turn into him. Gurney knows other cyclists who have the same problems.

Scott's Bike Shop

A straight view to the intersection of Beltline and River Road from Scott’s Bikes and Boards

It would help a lot if there were a designated bicycle lane at the Beltline-River Road intersection area. Other suggestions included another road or even widening the road more than has already been done. A lot of the congestion seems to stem from too many people in a small area where there isn’t much building space. Food, shopping, and services are in a concentrated space and this doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

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