Interesting Excerpt I found in Interview (150 words) – Steven Vantulden

Douglas Berry gathered discarded trash from the fraternity home’s finely cut lawn. Berry had been managing his own landscape maintenance business for over twenty three years.  The fifty-year old man operated a large portion of his business with the use of his van; it allowed him to travel to homes he worked for in the South University neighborhood.

However, Berry has found it increasingly difficult to find parking space in the neighborhood.  He also claimed to have dealt with harassment from Eugene’s parking authority while occupying parking space. This factor, in addition to a lack of space had forced Berry to turn down work in the past, “I’ve had more problems actually with disrespect from the Eugene parking authority, with being able to park my service vehicles.” Berry said “I’ve actually turned down work with some of the sororities because I can’t park.” He divulged that sometimes he had to pay parking tickets as a result of these encounters.

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