South University Neighborhood Assignment #3-Cecily Fernandes

When I explored the South University neighborhood further I spoke to different people about the issues in the neighborhood and found that crime was a big concern for many people in the neighborhood.  Being that this neighborhood is very close to campus there are a lot of reports from students and residents of break-ins, theft, and assault.  I talked to some people in the neighborhood about their feelings on Capri apartment complex in the neighborhood.  Last year she had her car broken into while parked in her own parking structure at her complex and was very shaken by the experience.  She discovered the break-in when she went to her car the morning after and found her doors ajar and her belongings strewn all over.  Her GPS navigation system was stolen as well as some money that she left in her glove compartment.  She was left very upset by this experience and said that she felt “violated” knowing that someone had been going through her things.

I also spoke with an older resident named Tyler who lives with his family in the neighborhood and was very concerned about the crime in South University.  He told me a few months ago his neighbors had their laptops stolen out of their rooms and the thief was never found.  He found this very troubling and considered installing an alarm system into his house after this happened to protect his family.  He hoped the police would become more serious about finding and prosecuting the people that commit crimes so he could feel safer in his neighborhood.

The final person I spoke to was a girl named Olivia who doesn’t live in the neighborhood but has a lot of friends that do.  She thought that the crime in the neighborhood was a big concern because some of her friends have been victims of break-ins and assault.  She knows people that have had their cars broken into and things stolen from their houses.  She also talked about how she knows never to walk home alone because of all the campus crime alerts that occur in the neighborhood.

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