Heightened Awareness for the Upcoming Eugene Marathon

Repercussions from the Boston Massacre are felt in Eugene while city prepares for the seventh annual Eugene Marathon

Shockwaves from Boston have reached Eugene as organizers for the seventh annual Eugene Marathon are meeting with law enforcement officers in Lane County to discuss protocol for the event. With Skinner’s Butte comprising a majority of the marathon’s downtown trail and historic Hayward Field the site of event’s finish, Tracktown USA becomes the center of attention for Sunday’s race.

Eugene Police is working overtime and is temporarily hiring additional officers for the event. As of today, standard procedures will ensue in case of an attack: a command bus is expected to be stationed in the vicinity of the event monitoring any suspicious activity during the event. Specialized units from SWAT and crisis negotiation are also expected to be on site. According to the event’s website, officials will be enforcing a “zero-tolerance approach” as well as performing random bag checks and towing vehicles parked in “no parking” areas.

Eugene Police Sgt. Larry Crompton is confident that their training has prepared them for this moment. Before earning their badges, officers train for all types of situations including active shooting in schools and universities. 

“I think our presence will, if anything, relieve some anxiety and stress,” Crompton said. “The more officers people see, the safer people feel.”

Crompton is well aware of the concern the Boston bombings  have caused the community and he’s gone as far to say terrorism has returned to the forefront of  individual’s conscience.

Police say recent intelligence has not indicated of a plot to attack the local marathon, violent acts in Eugene aren’t a novelty. A shooting occurred on the Glenwood interchange near Interstate 5 last September.

The Boston Massacre’s effects will be felt in Eugene, but marathon organizers and police say they are confident they can protect the community.

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