Enterprise Story Pitch-Kathryn Boyd-Batstone

I am interested in looking at the relationship between private landowners with old growth trees on their property and US Forestry biologists looking to protect spotted owls.  I met with one land owner who teachers at the UO and when he realized spotted owls were nesting on his property, he has worked to make sure loggers do not purchase his land.  Others like another family I met in Springfield may have to rely on the profit they could make from logging to save their homestead lifestyle.  I want to explore this relationship and look at how spotted owl rehabilitation has now fallen into the hands of private landowners instead of the government.


My second idea is to explore how the undamming of many damns around Portland has changed the environment and things recreationally.  The undamming of dams releases built up sediment and changes the nutritional content of the river.  Marine mammals are not accustomed to major changes, so I suspect that river habitat has changed some.  I also know that more kayaker is happy because there are more places to kayak.  Basically, this story would explore the environmental changes.

About kathrynboydbatstone

I enjoy shooting nature, architecture, cityscapes, sports, and people. I like to take photos when I go camping or travel. I want to use my photography to make people realize that nature will not always be here for us to enjoy unless we take actions to preserve and conserve it. Photography is something I truly enjoy, and it makes me happy that I can use photography to make a difference. My dream job would be to photograph and write for National Geographic. I also have fun photographing people, and capturing genuine expressions that can capture an emotion or the person as a whole. Hope you enjoy my pictures. If you want to contact me, my email is: kathrynkbb@gmail.com
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