Enterprise story pitch- Mallory Presho-Dunne

My first story idea focuses on the relationship between young adults and the media. How does the media affect the way people ages 18-25  choose to conduct themselves? While I realize this is an issue that has been done before, I would try to focus on a specific aspect of what is most affected by the media (body image, social life, music preference etc.) and make it relatable to readers by emphasizing one or two people and their stories. In terms of information/research, I will have to find some statistics about the impact and interview a lot of different people.

Secondly, I think it would be interesting to find out how people select their majors. My thesis for this piece would be something along the lines of “Individuals choose their majors based on what they think will be most successful at”, but why they think they will be successful is my real focus. Do they think it will be the least demanding path? Did their parents tell them so? Or have they just been unable to explore other options? Again, I will conduct multiple interviews and research which majors lead to the most success. It will also be important that I define “success” in specific terms so that my readers are able to follow my thesis more easily.

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