Enterprise Story Pitch

Vantulden, Steven


J 361: Reporting 1

David Saez

Enterprise Story Pitch

            For my Enterprise Story assignment, I want to report on the positive aspects that martial arts have in people’s lives. This would be an issue I could approach from multiple angles and perspectives; I also want to cover how martial arts have benefited entire communities, in addition to individuals.

            I have studied in some martial art for most of my life. I practiced karate for over six years and earned a black belt in the discipline. In addition to that, I wrestled for four years in high school while earning the varsity spot at my school. Currently, I’ve been training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu for almost two years. As a result of this training, I have a lot of firsthand knowledge and experience regarding different martial arts.

            I have access to people who both train and teach martial arts in Eugene, Oregon. I’m a member of the University of Oregon’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club. I will have ample opportunity to interview the members there. I’m also a member of a martial arts gym named Northwest Martial Arts. I will attempt to interview the coaches and students there, as well. The gym teaches various disciplines including Muay Thai, mixed-martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

            In addition to that, I plan to interview students who are members of other martial arts clubs on campus. These may include the kendo and wushu clubs. I think it’ll be important to get perspectives of practitioners from different martial arts, rather than just one.

            I will definitely do some online research for my topic. I want to know if there are any scientific studies that I could cite that would be relevant for my points. I may also want to include information and opinions from respected martial artists, though I will have to consider it.

            I realize that basing my story on the positive aspects of martial arts could be too general of a topic. There are many aspects I could focus on more specifically. I could focus on the discipline, creativity, self-confidence or the physical benefits that result from martial arts training. Perhaps I will need to brainstorm further to narrow down a specific topic for my story.

            Later in my story, I plan to explain in detail how entire communities can benefit from martial arts. I will discuss the structure that martial arts training can provide in the lives of young people; as well as how that keeps them focused on being constructive matters rather than destructive ones. This will be one of the ways that I approach this issue from a more macro perspective.


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