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University of Oregon student Jordan Carter is the proud owner of Portland based clothing brand Chief Repertoire Apparel. “Stay humble, live like a chief” is the motto for the clothing brand founded in December 2011. Chief Repertoire Apparel has an administrative team consisting of three graphic designers, a social media promoter, and a fabrication consultant. Carter happens to be one of the lead designers for his clothing brand.

The clothing brand has a vision to inspire individuality and creativity. Carter wants to create more than just a brand. He wants to create an overall way of life. Chief Repertoire Apparel views the world of fashion as an art form. They make a consistent effort to promote humble service, artistic products, innovative media, and a personal bond with consumers.

Carter uses an Intuos 4 Professional Pen Tablet to create apparel designs. The tablet connects to his computer through a USB port. He uses Adobe Illustrator software to create the designs. When Carter draws images onto the tablet, they automatically transfer onto his computer screen. With this software, Carter can easily create screen print ready designs without having to spend hours manually transforming images for screen-printing. After a design is complete, Carter sends it to a clothing manufacture where the images are printed onto various articles of clothing.

Carter’s infatuation with fashion inspired him to create his own clothing brand. The brand serves as a method for him to express his creativeness.

“I have always taken pride in my sense of fashion,” Carter said. “Through the brand, I want to create a lifestyle that people can connect to.”

Designing apparel is Carter’s favorite part about owning his own business. Each article of clothing is hand-crafted by one of his designers at Chief Repertoire Apparel. Carter and his team use a step-by-step process to create new designs.

A designer must first be inspired by something. The inspiration can come from an object or an experience. After the initial inspiration, the design team brainstorms potential ideas for the design. A designer then draws the design onto the tablet. Once the design is ready, the design team finalizes color schemes and layouts. The design is then sent to a clothing manufacture in digital format. The manufacture then prints the design on various articles of clothing.

“The inspiration comes from our design team’s subjective views of the world,” Carter said. “Each member sees beauty in nature, society, art, and other realms of life. We then try to replicate these visions through our clothing designs.”

“We consider each piece of clothing to be a piece of art.”

In addition to apparel, Carter has experience with designing logos, flyers, and webpages. Carter says that designing items can be difficult.

“A person needs to have a lot of patience, self-motivation, creativity, and an ability to express themselves,” Carter said.

The design team members at Chief Repertoire Apparel are working on designs for an upcoming summer clothing line. The summer line-up will include tank tops and tie-dye t-shirts to capture the essence of the season.


Chief Repertoire Apparel founder Jordan Carter sporting his apparel.

Chief Repertoire Apparel founder Jordan Carter sporting his apparel.


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Carter uses this Intuos 4 Professional Pen Tablet to draw designs for Chief Repertoire Apparel.

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