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The 5-cent Debate: Eugene’s plastic bag ban

“That will be 5 cent per bag charge sir,” the register clerk told Tyree Johnson at the end of his weekly trip to Safeway supermarket in Eugene. Johnson was puzzled by the employee’s comment. He thought maybe he bought something … Continue reading

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Behind the Building: Clueless profile on Architecture student Erik Larson

Inside the maze of Lawrence Hall, the home of the architecture school at the University of Oregon, aspiring architect Erik Larson sits in a stool, at his desk, simply ready to create building. The Eugene native is a sophomore and … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Story Final

Parties are nothing new to the college life, and rowdy parties are nothing new to Eugene. After all, the infamous movie “Animal House” was filmed here nere where the University of Oregon resides. While it is a college town, Eugene … Continue reading

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Story Revisions

Although my article presents a new outlook on the issue of the Social Host Ordinance in the South University neighborhood of Eugene, my article has a lot of room for improvement. It is essential that I shorten my lead. Although … Continue reading

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Clueless Pitch – Beth Maiman

For the Clueless assignment I plan to interview Erik Larson, an architecture student at the University of Oregon. As an architecture student it is a requirement for students to take classes where they must build models. I want to learn … Continue reading

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South University Neighborhood – Assignment #3

When I further explored the South University Neighborhood and spoke to people living in the area, it became apparent that Eugene’s new Social Host Ordinance is the hot topic around town. I spoke to a student Chloe, who lives by … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Assignment #2 – South University Neighborhood.

As I was exploring the neighborhood of South University I ran into a middle aged women by the name of Mary Globis gardening outside her home on the corner of 21st and University Street. Her young nephew Zane, who every … Continue reading

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