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Groundbreaking Planned Parenthood facility hopes to contribute as a positive change for Glenwood

On a beautiful spring day in late April, Cynthia Pappas, CEO and President of Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon, expresses her excitement and eagerness for their new state of the art women’s health center to be fully implemented in the … Continue reading

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Enterprise Story Plan

BACKGROUND: For the neighborhood of Glenwood, I am looking into the implementation of building a Planned Parenthood regional health and education center that will do abortions. It is said to be the first groundbreaking news to hit the area in … Continue reading

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Cooking to Serve the Glenwood Community

On a beautiful friday afternoon in May, homeless men and women from the local community made their way to their tables enjoying their hot meal at Shankle Safe Haven Shelter in Glenwood. Behind the counter, Terri LaPado stands eager to … Continue reading

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Glenwood Profile Search

For my first stop on the search for potential profile candidates in Glenwood, I went to BRING Recycling, a popular and local recycling center for trading and selling materials. I approached a worker named Vanessa who has only been working … Continue reading

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Glenwood’s Problem With Development

Residents think development in their neighborhood will cause their community to change forever   By: Kelsey Rzepecki   GLENWOOD, OR –  Residents of Glenwood believe that their hometown is in jeopardy by the neighboring city and that it will change … Continue reading

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Culture of Eugene Inspires New Runners

Just when you think the marathon is over as you see the flushed faces of accomplished runners draped in their shiny silver thermal blankets making their way from the finish line, another burst of wild screams is heard from the … Continue reading

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Just Bassing Around

Sophomore Kyle Schneider is a member of the University of Oregon’s Bass Team. “My dad and I have been fishing ever since I was the age of 4. The first word I learned was ‘shad’ not ‘dad,’” Schneider said. After … Continue reading

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