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From East Coast Co-ops to West Coast Communities

PHOTO BY PAUL NEEVEL Story by Lily Bussel Sometimes it’s toothbrushes. The kind made for detention facilities. August Sabini knows who to look for—young people, usually carrying sleeping bags and backpacks. Other days he hands out deodorant, socks or snacks. … Continue reading

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Profile Reflections

For future interviews I would focus my questions for more direct answers. I often felt that my questions were broad and sometimes vague and would have liked to enter my interviews with a specific angle. I was hesitant to have … Continue reading

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Downtown Eugene Citizens Discuss Local and National Elections

The coming election reveals divides among downtown residents. by Lily Bussel Despite the liberal façade that downtown Eugene touts, especially evident during political protests at Saturday market, the coming elections reveal the deep split between downtown’s voting citizens.  Neighborhood News … Continue reading

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Profile Pitch (Downtown)

By Lily Bussel I am interviewing August Sabini, an outreach worker at New Roads–an organization providing services and support to homeless youth. With potential cuts in social services and welfare programs as contentious issues in the current presidential campaign, the … Continue reading

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Downtown Observations

A hexagon tiled floor, the kind that old bathrooms have. Wood tables and chairs dot the room, some with couples, friends, co-workers or solo visitors. The Hawaiian clad man in his green and yellow tropical flowered shirt sips from a … Continue reading

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Why’s this so Good?

Alex Witchel’s article How My Mother Disappeared  chronicles her mother’s initial stages of dementia and follows their changing relationship as she copes with her mother’s deteriorating memory. Witchel’s piece begins with a description of her mother’s meatloaf. Her lede is … Continue reading

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Eriel Hoffmeier (Urban Lumber)

+downtown life with more people coming to the area

+energy of the downtown community

+level of engagement between Eugene citizens and their community

-fights in downtown area disrupting business

-feels the level of control of business owners to manage the downtown street activity is high; thinks keeping downtown safe/appealing to potential customers is in the hands of business owners

David Hascall




-new fire department route so the trucks wouldn’t disrupt Saturday market

-changing farmers market hours


Don Massey

+ weather

+ diversity in downtown Eugene

+ Saturday market’s role in community building


-finding a means of supporting/providing places for those who have no home

-referenced the Occupy movement and how the park couldn’t sustain the amount of people who needed shelter

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