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Why do We Keep Smoking?

Smoking is interesting. Almost everywhere around us there are signs banning smoking or telling people smoking kills. Most pieces of media involving smoking are almost uniformly negative. Nearly every single person is at least aware of the dangers of smoking, … Continue reading

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The Accessible Education Center: Promoting Diversity

The Accessible Education Center (AEC) at the University of Oregon (UO) is aiming to curb the often-misjudged negative connotation of the term ‘disability,’ using their name change away from “Disability Services” in the fall of 2011 as a starting point … Continue reading

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The 5-cent Debate: Eugene’s plastic bag ban

“That will be 5 cent per bag charge sir,” the register clerk told Tyree Johnson at the end of his weekly trip to Safeway supermarket in Eugene. Johnson was puzzled by the employee’s comment. He thought maybe he bought something … Continue reading

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Arming Campus Police

UOPD East Station. You might not have noticed but there’s a noticeable difference between the officers on campus as opposed to the police you find downtown. In 2011 the University of Oregon transitioned from using security guards to a dedicated … Continue reading

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Dynamic Television and Social Media ~ Jackie Haworth

Television is no longer a static activity. Social media is changing the way people interact with television and within television show fandoms. Sonya Neunzert, 20, a digital arts major at the University of Oregon, said that social media is almost … Continue reading

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An Organic way of Life-Adam Bailey

The U.S. Northwest is known for its vibrant environments and vast amounts of local organic farming, all of which being consistently protective through political activism.  In fact, both Portland, 56 restaurants, and Seattle, 78 restaurants, are among the top nine … Continue reading

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The Gap Year: A Different Kind of Education

Once a student finishes high school, then next step is four years of college. Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. This is just the way it is….right? Four consecutive years of college directly following the completion of high school is the norm … Continue reading

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