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“Practical Nutrition,” the Recipe Behind Oregon Athletics’ Success

Beyond the flash and bravado, from the facilities to the plethora of uniform combinations, it’s the track-style brand of play that characterizes Oregon Football. Eugene will always be branded as Tracktown USA, but the Football team has elevated that platform … Continue reading

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South University Neighborhood – Steven Vantulden

In order to find information on The South University Neighborhood, our group utilized the government of Eugene’s website (http://www.eugene-or.gov/index.aspx?NID=535). We were able to find information regarding the boundaries of the neighborhood. The South University Neighborhood is located on the east … Continue reading

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Patricia Marshall: Publisher of the Future

High-heeled leather shoes make a clopping sound as Patricia Marshall bustles from counter to counter in her kitchen. She is a whirlwind of activity adding olive oil to a Crock-pot, boiling water in a stainless steel kettle, shuffling her collection … Continue reading

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Midterm, Winter 2013, #J361NN

Here is today’s midterm for #J361NN. Part I • Every numbered question in this portion is about the book Inside Reporting, by Tim Harrower, and nothing else, except where explicitly stated. • You have until about 6:45 for this part … Continue reading

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I’m Y.A., and I’m O.K.—Why’s This So Good?

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/20/books/review/Rabb-t.html?pagewanted=all I have always found essays that discuss the publishing industry to be extremely fascinating, whether written from the perspective of the writer, agent or editor. The essays by writers, however, are the most interesting. Unlike agents and editors who … Continue reading

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Downtown Eugene: Live, Work, Play

Downtown Eugene has many faces. On the weekends, the neighborhood blocks will be filled with families and college students exploring the Saturday Market and surrounding shops, on weekend nights one can experience the bar scene and during the week the … Continue reading

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Book Professionals That You Should Be Following On Twitter

One of the most important things that authors should do, both to expand and maintain their audience, is to have a Twitter account. Many agents, editors, interns and book journalists have Twitter accounts to promote current projects by engaging their … Continue reading

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